Ramanand’s son Prem Sagar lashed out at ‘Adipurush’

Ramanand Sagar Son Prem Comment on Adipurush Om Raut

Prem Sagar on Adipurush: South cinema superstar Prabhas, Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon and actor Saif Ali Khan-starrer film ‘Adipurush’ has been released on 16 June. The film was already in controversies before its release, but now after the release of the film, it has once again faced criticism.

From audiences to critics, the film’s dialogues, VFX and performances are garnering rave reviews from people. At the same time, now Ramanand’s son Prem Sagar also criticized Om Raut and ‘Adipurush’.

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Adipurush had to face criticism

Expressing his unhappiness over this, Ramanand Sagar’s son Prem Sagar said that the Indian epic ‘Ramayana’ has been misinterpreted in ‘Adipurush’. He has expressed his objection on this. Prem Sagar said that the director has tampered with the facts and also objected to the dialogues of the film.

Trying to create a miracle through ‘Adipurush’ – Prem Sagar

During an interview, Prem Sagar said that- he has not seen the film, but he has seen the teaser and trailer. When Prem Sagar was told about the ‘Tapori’ style dialogue ‘Tel tere baap ka, jalegi tere baap ki’, he laughed and said that Om Raut has tried to create a miracle through ‘Adipurush’. He said that his father Ramanand Sagar also used creative freedom while making ‘Ramayana’.

Ravana was a very learned and knowledgeable person – Prem

Not only this, but Prem Sagar told that his father considered Shriram like God. After reading several texts, he made minor changes in it, but never tried to tamper with the facts. Prem Sagar is also not happy with the dark look of Saif Ali Khan who is playing the role of Ravana in Adipurush. On this he says that- Ravana was a very learned and knowledgeable person and it cannot be right to show him as a villain.

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Laxman is sent to go to Ravana’s feet and learn from him – Prem Sagar

Along with this, Prem Sagar told that according to the scriptures, whatever Ravana did was because he knew that he could get salvation only at the hands of Lord Rama. It is also written in the scriptures that Lord Rama himself considered Ravana to be a great scholar. When Ravana was about to die, Lord Rama sent his younger brother Lakshmana to go to Ravana’s feet and learn from him.

Can’t present Ravana as a dreaded villain- Prem Sagar

Not only this but in this regard Prem Sagar said that- “Ravana’s condition was such that he had to act inappropriately. You cannot project Raavan as a dreaded villain in the name of creative freedom.” At the same time, Prem Sagar said that Ramayana was written by many people including Krittivasi and Eknath but its facts never changed.

No one will be able to make such Ramayana for 85 years – Prem Sagar

Only the color and the language were changed, but in ‘Adipurush’ all the facts have changed. On the question of making a web series or film on Ramayana, Prem Sagar said that ‘Father had said that no one would be able to make such a Ramayana for 85 years and he narrated the story of Maryada Purushottam to the people and left.’

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