Watch Prime Video’s ‘Jee Karda’ this weekend for a time pass, don’t get your hopes up

jee karda

Jee Karda Web Series Review (Ashwini Kumar): Don’t know since when big Hindi production houses are busy making copies of American popular TV series. They keep trying to achieve equal success by creating a combination of Desperate Housewives and Sex in the City. Amazon Prime Video has already made a similar attempt with series like Four More Shots Please and Made in Heaven. ‘Jee Karda’ is a new attempt to make the Indian version of Sex in the City.

The biggest highlight of Zee Karda with 8 episodes is Tamannaah Bhatia, South sensation Tamannaah Bhatia, who has been avoiding even kissing on screen, now wants to step into Hindi belt. But Tamannaah is not the highlight of ‘Jee Karda’, but the boldness, kissing scenes, intimate scenes she has given in this series, proves that Tamannaah has done what she wanted to do. Well, such is the free-spirited story of ‘Jee Karda’.

Jee Karda Web Series Review: Story of the film

7 friends studying in a school in Mumbai in 2006, of course they have their own lives, their own difficulties… but the friendship is deep. This group of 14 year old children, in which there are three girls, four boys…. One Christmas night, they visit a fortune-teller. He tells every child one thing about his future and the story moves 15 years forward i.e. in 2022.

In 2022, at the third marriage anniversary party of Sheetal and her husband Sameer, Rishabh gets drunk and proposes marriage to his girlfriend of 15 years, Lavanya, her live-in partner of 4 years. With this, a chain of events begins, which by the time it reaches the climax of 8 episodes, proves that prophetic thing to be true.

Now in these 8 episodes, there is that attraction of childhood, whose completion is still expected. Set in the backdrop of Mumbai, with flashbacks to 15 years ago, this story of 7 characters features a clash between the new and the old generation over customs, a gulf between friends over money and status, each character’s Have your own needs and dreams and showed the complexity between modern age relationships. Where there is an ocean of confusion between couples who look perfect.

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Arunima Sharma, Hussain and Abbas Dalal together tried to put all the ingredients in the story of ‘Jee Karda’, some rock songs, some romantic moments, lots of boldness, lots of intimate scenes, some infidelity, some confusion, A little infidelity… and all this combined to make such a mix-veg, in which none of the taste is complete.

Well, under the banner of Dinesh Vijan’s Maddock Films, in this 8 episode web series made for Prime Video, money has also been spent on party scenes, costumes, looks and casting, so this show is going to make you look stylish. But in terms of content, Arunima Sharma’s ‘Jee Karda’ is a sub-standard product.

By becoming Lavanya, what Tamanna had expected from ‘Jee Karda’, and for which she broke the boundary, this character does not reach that point. Yes, Tamannaah’s work is good, even though her fans are not happy with this boldness. Rock star Arjun turned Aashim Gulati has extended his character Salim from his period web series ‘Tajt’ here, where Baap se banti nahi, aur woh sharab-sex mein khoya raha hai, rishta uska pura nahi hota hai. The rest Suhail Nayyar, Anya Singh, Hussain Dalal, Samvedna and Simone Singh have tried but have not been able to shine in the characters.

2 stars for ‘I want to’.

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