Very close friend of Salman Khan passed away

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Salman Khan: This time is very difficult for Salman Khan. Actually his very close friend has died. Salman Khan himself has informed about this through social media. He has paid tribute to his close friend on his death through his Instagram account. This post of Salman Khan is making headlines.

Posted on Instagram (Salman Khan)

Like other celebs, Salman Khan is also very active on social media. On the coming days, he keeps on giving some or the other update related to his life on his official account. Whether it is related to professional life or personal life, Salman Khan has often been seen very active on social media.

Salman Khan expressed grief

Taking the help of this social media once again, Bhaijaan has shared a sad news. He shared a post late night with his Instagram handle. Salman Khan has told through tribute in the post that his close friend has died. Salman Khan shared this Instagram post with an emotional caption. While sharing the photo, Salman Khan wrote in the caption, ‘My dear Addu, thank you for your love and support that you gave me when I was growing up.’

Questions raised in the minds of fans

From the moment Salman Khan shared this post, it is being discussed everywhere. Everyone from the fans is eager to know what this Addu looked like of Salman Khan. Along with asking questions on social media about the woman, people were also seen making puns. Someone told that Addu was Salman Khan’s nanny. So someone said that Addu was the care taker of Salman Khan. However, there has been no reaction from Salman Khan’s side on this.

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