AR Rahman’s live concert stopped by police

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AR Rahman: The magic of singing of singer and music composer AR Rahman is not only in India but in the whole world. Singers are seen giving their performances from country to abroad. Due to this, he was giving his performance in Pune, but during this, the Pune police stopped his performance midway and got the concert closed. Let’s know the whole matter-

Giving performance in Pune (AR Rahman)

A news related to AR Rahman is coming out. It is being told that AR Rahman’s live show was going on in Pune on Sunday. During the live concert, the police stopped his show midway. During this, the Pune police not only stopped the concert by coming in between, but also stopped the singer from singing by climbing on the stage.

Police stopped in the middle

If reports are to be believed, AR Rahman was performing a concert in Pune’s Raja Bahadur Mill area. During this, the police stopped the singer’s song midway by climbing on the stage. At the same time, it is being claimed in the news that no permission was taken from the administration for this show after 10 pm, due to which the police stopped the concert midway.

Many videos of this live concert are coming out on social media. Singer’s fans are also giving their feedback on this. Some people found this method of police very complicated. At the same time, some people also supported it. Seeing the matter taking a toll, the police administration itself has come forward and issued a statement on it.

Police statement came to the fore

Pune Police issued a statement saying that AR Rahman was singing his last song. Singer had no sense of time while singing the song. Singer did not know when it was 10 o’clock in the night. So our police officials present there informed the singer about the time limit, after which the song was stopped.

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