Ayush breaks silence on Arpita’s trolling

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Aayush Sharma On Arpita Khan: Arpita Khan Sharma, sister of Salman Khan and wife of actor Aayush Sharma, is often seen trolling people. People often target them because of their weight and complexion. Although he is far away from the glamor world, its people do not leave him either. For the first time, actor and husband Aayush Sharma has broken his silence regarding this.

Trollers imposed class (Aayush Sharma on Arpita Khan)

Recently, Ayush Sharma has fiercely attacked trollers during a stage program. In fact, Ayush Sharma gave several statements one after the other in defense of his wife during a program on TEDx portal. During this, he has given advice to people on being trolled for his weight and color. She said that despite making fun of her dark skin color and weight, Arpita is proud of herself. Along with this, Aayush also said that his wife is being targeted only because she is a public figure.

Trolls do with color

He says, “My wife is trolled all the time for being overweight. People always target her and say that being a celebrity she shouldn’t be so fat or how she should dress and that she has a dark complexion.” He said that as soon as any picture of him comes, people immediately remind him that his complexion is dark.

Aayush on trolling against Arpita
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Proud of my wife – Aayush Sharma

Aayush Sharma further added, “In today’s time no one looks at the inner beauty and no one wants to know how beautiful you are as a human being. People only want to see you beautiful on the outside.” Along with this, Ayush Sharma also said that I am proud of my wife because she feels comfortable in her own skin. He is proud of who he is.

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