Anuj-Anupama’s face-to-face did not happen, this show is trending

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Anupama: Rupali Ganguly fame “Anupama” is a very famous show of TV. In terms of TRP, this show has made all other shows sweat. Every day this show comes into the limelight for one reason or the other. In fact, the makers are working day and night to keep the show on top and are bringing new twists one by one, seeing which the fans are also very excited about the show.

The latest episode blew away the fans (Anupama)

Every day such a twist is added in this serial, due to which the distance between Anupama and Anuj keeps increasing, but the viewers of the serial want to see their favorite onscreen couple unite. In the last episode of ‘Anupama’, it was seen that Anuj and Anupama are going to come face to face soon. Because of this, the fans were eagerly waiting for today’s episode but the fans are heartbroken after seeing the latest episode.

Anuj-Anupama did not face to face

For information, let us tell you that in the latest episode, it will be seen that Anuj and Anupama Kapadia will reach the office but they will not be able to come face to face. What is it that like every time, this time also Barkha succeeds in her trick and wins in keeping both of them apart. During this, the track of the serial is very sad, seeing which even the fans become sad. Now the fans are reacting to this scene on social media.

“Anupama” trending on Twitter

Fans are not liking Anuj and Anupama staying away like this. They are surprised to see this scene. In fact, he was feeling that he would see Anupama and Anuj face to face in the upcoming episode, but his thought was shattered. After which people are giving their reactions on social media. Anupama has started trending on Twitter. A fan has written, ‘Please unite them. I beg the makers. Many fans have also praised Gaurav Khanna’s acting.

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