Alia Siddiqui said to Nawazuddin Siddiqui “Thank you

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Aliya Siddiqui: Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui is in headlines these days for his personal life. In fact, for a long time, the matter of divorce and custody of children is going on in the court with his wife Aaliya.

Every day some new update keeps coming about both. Often Aaliya Siddiqui was seen making some or the other statement about Nawazuddin. Now once again Alia has given a statement about Nawaz. However, the surprising thing is that this time he has said “thank you” to the actor for some reason.

Alia gave statement about Nawazuddin (Aaliya Siddiqui)

These days Alia is in Dubai with her children. Meanwhile, he has given a statement about actor Nawazuddin. Everyone is shocked to hear this statement. In fact, Alia recently thanked Nawazuddin while talking about his film “Holi Kau”.

“Holi Cow” will soon be released on OTT

In fact, recently Alia Siddiqui’s film ‘Holy Cow’ has been released on Amazon Prime Video. This film has been produced by Alia herself. Although the film was released at the box office only last year, but recently it was decided to release it on OTT.

Nawazuddin took time off for the film – Alia

During this, Alia said during the interview regarding Holi Cow that, there was no need of any lead star in Holi Cow. Because of this, Nawazuddin appeared only as a guest in the film. He said that we needed Nawazuddin to play the role of a cop in the film and he knew it very well. He took out time for the film and we cast him.”

He further said that every decision related to ‘Holi Cow’ was taken together by me and director Sai Kabir. I really liked the idea of ​​this film. He said, “Both of us together cast the actors for this film.”

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