Will Anuj end his relationship with Anupama?

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Anupama Upcoming Twist: The popularity of serial Anupama remains constant. Keeping this in mind, the makers are making every effort to keep the fans interested in the show. Because of this, you get to see more than one twist every day. However, there has been a significant drop in the TRPs of the show, due to which the makers are seen making major changes.

Keeping the show in mind, the makers are seen making some changes. Let’s see this twist:

Maya talking to Anuj (Anupama Upcoming Twist)

In today’s episode of Anupama, it was shown that Maya talks to Anuj while he is sleeping and says that after all the love of 26 years has fallen short in front of the daughter’s love. I will not let you go just like that. On the other hand, fans will soon be able to see in the show that Kantaben will reach Maya’s house in Mumbai after playing the Shah family’s band. Seeing him in their house, both Anuj and Maya will be quite surprised to see him and both of them will be in bad condition.

Will Anuj end his relationship with Anupama?

In the latest promo of the show that has come, you will be able to see that Anuj was seen talking about ending the relationship with Anupama in front of Kantaben. He told Kanta to tell Anupama that the chapter named Anuj in her life is over.

little anu will talk

The news coming about ‘Anupama’ is that younger Anu will tell Anuj that Maya planted in her mind that because of her there is a fight between Anuj and Anupama. Along with this, Chhoti will also say that it was she who requested Anupama to convince Anuj to let her go.

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