Will the fight between MC Stan and Abdu Rozik be resolved?

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Touqeer Khan snapped: The news of Bigg Boss 16 ex-contestant Abdu Rojik and MC Stan’s fight is still doing the rounds. The names of these two are also included in the top news of the TV industry. These two are currently the talk of the town. During this, Sumbul Tauqeer Khan has also kept his side on the fight between these two. Let’s know the full news.

Bigg Boss 16 was dominated by the troupe (Sumbul Touqeer Khan)

TV reality show Bigg Boss 16 ex-contestant Abdu Rojik and MC Stan were great friends during the show. Not only this, his group was named Mandali in the house, which included the names of Sajid Khan, Sumbul Touqueer Khan, Shiv Thackeray, MC Stan, Abdul Rojik and Nimrit Kaur.

MC Steyn and Abdu Rogik got into a brawl

After coming out of the show, now there are reports that there is a mutual dispute between MC Stan and Abdu Rojik, due to which the talks between the two are closed. The fight of both has created panic in the TV industry. Everyone is talking about him only. Some time back, Shiv Thackeray had clarified about their friendship. Now Sumbul Tauqeer Khan’s name has also been included in this list.

Sumbul Touqueer Khan gave clarification

Sumbul Touqueer Khan was recently spotted in Mumbai. During this, paparazzi raised questions about MC Steyn and Abdu Rojik. On this Sumbul said that every friendship goes through bad times. There are ups and downs in every relationship. I believe that time passes and this friendship is true. In any case, there are fights in every friendship. The fight between these two has been highlighted because both are famous.

Fights and quarrels take place among other people too, but not much is known about them. If there is a quarrel going on now, it will also be fine later. Both are very good friends. Stan is in love with Abdu and Abdu is in love with Stan. So everything will be fine soon.

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