Dalljiet Kaur shared bedroom photo

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Dalljiet Kaur Bedroom Photos: Actress Daljit Kaur is enjoying her honeymoon with husband Nikhil Patel these days. Ever since the actress shared the news of her marriage on social media, she has been sharing one or the other photo with her husband. Now in this episode, he has posted some personal photos of his honeymoon on social media. The temperature of the internet has gone high after seeing the photos. People are surprised to see the photos.

Actress shared photos (Dalljiet Kaur Bedroom Photos)

The actress has shared photos of her bedroom on social media. In the photos, she is seen posing with Nikhil Patel. These photos have created a stir on social media. In these pictures, both the stars are seen very cozy with each other in the bedroom. These pictures became viral as soon as they came on social media.

same tattoo done

The most important thing in the photos is that the couple has got a similar tattoo made on which people’s eyes were fixed. Dalljiet Kaur and Nikhil Patel got identical tattoos on their feet on their honeymoon. In this tattoo, both the stars have inked ‘Take 2’ mentioning their second marriage. In these honeymoon photos, both the stars are seen spending time in the bedroom. Romantic photos of both the stars stole the hearts of the fans.

These bedroom photos of Daljit Kaur and Nikhil Patel are currently going viral like a fire on social media. The couple is in Singapore for their honeymoon. Earlier this star couple had gone for Bangkok trip. For your information, let us tell you that this is the second marriage of the couple. Where on one side Daljit Kaur has a son and on the other hand Nikhil’s daughter.

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