This photo of “Bowman and Bailey” is going viral

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The Elephant Whisperers: The film ‘The Elephant Whispers’, which made a name for itself in Oscars 2023, made a lot of headlines. Originally made in India, the name of the country has become bright because of this film. This film made headlines not only in India but all over the world. After receiving the award, the stars have left for their respective homes. Director Kartiki Gonsalves has also returned home. Now Kartiki Gonsalves has shared a photo of him with the Oscar trophy on social media, including the film’s actors Boman and Bailey in his celebration.

Photo shared by Kartiki Gonsalves (The Elephant Whisperers)

Kartiki Gonsalves has shared a photo of the stars of the documentary film on his Instagram account. Bowman and Bailey are seen with Oscar in the photo. Both are seen smiling in the photo. While sharing the photo, Kartiki Gonsalves wrote in the caption –

‘It’s been four months since we’ve been apart and I feel like I’m at home.’ Social media users are liking this photo a lot. One wrote that we have become big fans of Bowman and Bailey. Apart from this, another asked the director, ‘I think we need an Oscar picture with Bowman and Bailey now.’

made history

For your information, let us tell you that on March 15, 2023, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin honored Boman and Bailey. With this Oscar, not only Tamil Nadu but the whole of India’s chest has swelled with pride. For your information, let us tell you that this is the first time in history that a documentary from India has got an Oscar. Through this film, India’s name has been elevated on platforms like Oscars. All the celebs of India congratulated the film director and producer. The name of the Prime Minister of the country is also included in this list.

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