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Fever has made immunity week, so make it strong in this way

Health Care: Whenever the weather changes, it brings many types of diseases with it. These days the problem of fever and cold and cough has made many people their victims. The fever that is going on these days bothers a lot for about seven days. Although there is relief in fever in a few days, but cough and body ache do not go away quickly. Which causes a lot of trouble.

Actually, after the onset of fever, our immunity becomes week. In such a situation, if your immune system is weak, then you will quickly become vulnerable to disease and infection. In today’s article, we are going to tell you some such tips by which you can strengthen your weak immunity.

Include foods rich in Vitamin C in your diet Health Care

If you boost your immunity (immunity) If you want to strengthen, then include Vitamin C rich foods in your regular diet.Vitamin C Rich Foods) Consume. Like orange, grapes, kiwi, papaya, strawberry, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, tomato etc. Vitamin C is found in abundance in all of these. Apart from this, lemon also contains Vitamin C in abundance. That’s why you drink a glass of lukewarm water mixed with lemon juice daily. This increases your immunity.

Include garlic-ginger in your diet

Many qualities are found in garlic-ginger. Which are very beneficial for our body. People who have immunity week can strengthen their immunity by consuming them. Let us tell you that garlic has immunomodulatory properties. Due to which the immune system is strengthened. Also, anti-inflammatory properties are found in ginger. You can make a decoction and drink it to strengthen your immunity.

Consume cloves and black pepper Health Care

Cloves and black pepper present in our kitchen have many properties. Which are very good for our health. These also increase your immunity. You can also make a decoction of them and drink them. But keep in mind that consume it only in limited quantity. Because these days it is summer season. And the effect of both these things is also warm. You can also drink black pepper and clove tea. Apart from this, you can also use them to make vegetables.

do deep breathing exercises

Deep breathing exercises make your immunity strong. Along with this, many other benefits are also available. You can also strengthen your immunity by doing deep breathing exercises. For this, you sit in one place and keep your back straight. Breathe in and release slowly. Repeat this process 10 to 15 times. Please tell that to do deep breathing exercise, look for a quiet place and it is very good to do it in the morning.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for educational and informational purposes only. Take medical advice before adopting any remedy or prescription. e24Bollywood website does not endorse medical advice of any kind.


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