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India created history at Oscars 2023

The Elephant Whisperers: ‘The Elephant Whispers’ has scripted history by winning India’s first award at Oscars 2023. The film was nominated for the Best Documentary Short category. Now this film has beaten everyone by beating itself. Please tell that this film has been directed by Kartiki Gonsalves. Garima Pura Patialvi has worked closely with Karthik on its script.

Produced by Guneet Monga (Guneet Monga at Oscar 2023)

‘The Elephant Whispers’ has created history. This short film has received a lot of love at the Oscars. Ever since winning the Oscar, this short film is being discussed everywhere and why did it win India’s first award at the Oscars 2023. Please tell that none other than Guneet Monga is producing it. His Sikhya Entertainment had taken up the responsibility of producing the film.

Both Karthik and Guneet attended the Oscars

Please tell that both Karthik and Guneet had reached Los Angeles to participate in the award show. Guneet himself has shared the post on social media after winning the Oscar. Coming to the film, along with ‘The Elephant Whispers’, short documentaries like ‘Hallout’, ‘The Martha Mitchell Effect’, ‘Stranger at the Gate’ and ‘How Do You Measure an Year’ were nominated in this category.

This is the story of the film (The Elephant Whisperers Story)

Now let’s talk about this film, the story of ‘The Elephant Whispers’ is about a tribal couple. Who adopts an orphan baby elephant living in the Madhumalai Tiger Reserve. They name him Raghu and bring him up with care. ‘The Elephant Whispers’ talks about how that elephant changes their lives.


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