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Know these Vastu tips related to the balcony of the house

Balcony Vastu Tips: Balcony is an important part of every house. For those people who live in flats, balcony is very special. People sit in the balcony and enjoy morning and evening tea. Also, they enjoy every season by sitting in the balcony. Because if there is any open space in the flat, then it is a balcony only. In such a situation, according to Vastu, the balcony of the house is very important. If the balcony of every house is according to Vastu, then everything is fine. So let’s know how should be the balcony of the house according to Vastu.

In which direction should the balcony of the house be?

According to Vastu, it is very important to have the right direction of the balcony of the house. That’s why you should keep in mind that the balcony of the house should be in the northern direction. Apart from this, the north-east corner can also be used as a balcony. Because maximum sunlight comes in this direction. On the other hand, the balcony of south and west direction is not considered good. Along with this, also keep in mind that the floor of your balcony should be slightly lower than the floor of the whole house.

What should be the furniture in the balcony

If you are thinking of getting some furniture for the balcony of your house, then bring it following the rules of Vastu. In such a situation, you should avoid bringing heavy furniture for your balcony. Also, you can decorate your balcony by bringing light cane furniture or light chairs or bean bags. Those who want to put a swing in their balcony, then keep in mind that it should be placed in the north or south direction. In fact it is considered auspicious.

how is the roof of the balcony

Now it comes to the roof of the balcony. Whenever you make your balcony, keep in mind that the slope of its roof should be towards north or east. The balcony should never slope towards south and west even by mistake.


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