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Satish Kaushik Last Words: ‘I do not want to die, save me’, these were the last words of Satish Kaushik before death

Satish Kaushik Last Words: Veteran artist Satish Kaushik has become silent forever. It is difficult to accept this from the film industry to his fans. At the same time, his family is not able to emerge from this deep shock. Everyone is remembering him with heavy hearts and teary eyes. In the last time of Satish Kaushik, his manager Santosh Rai was with him. Now Santosh Rai has told about the last moments of Satish Kaushik.

The manager made a big disclosure

Santosh Rai told during an interview what had happened that night. Santosh was working with Satish Kaushik for the last 34 years. He told that immediately after dinner on Wednesday, he did not have any kind of problem. He finished dinner at around 8.30 pm. We were to return to Mumbai on March 9 by an 8:50 am flight. He told me, ‘Santosh, go to bed early, we have to catch an early morning flight. I said ok sir. I went to sleep in the next room. ,

Satish was watching paper 2

His manager Santosh told, he called me at 11 pm. He said, “Santosh, come, I need to fix my wifi password as I want to watch ‘Kaagaz 2’ for edit purpose. They started watching the movie at 11:30 pm and I went back to my room. Tell me ‘Kaagaz 2’ is a film made under the direction of Satish Kaushik whose shooting has been completed.

Satish Kaushik had difficulty in breathing

Santosh told, “At around 12:05 in the night, he called my name loudly. After which I came running and asked him, “What happened sir? Why are you shouting? Why didn’t you call me on the phone instead?” He told me, “Listen, I am having trouble breathing. Please take me to the doctor. We immediately got into the car. During this his driver and bodyguard were also with us. ,

‘I do not wanna die’

Santosh further told that as soon as we left for the hospital, his chest pain increased and he said, ‘Let’s go to the hospital quickly’. ‘ Then, he put his head on my shoulder and said, ‘Santosh, I don’t want to die, save me. ’ He caught hold of me and said, ‘I have to live for Vanshika. I think I will not survive. Take care of Shashi and Vanshika. Santosh said, ‘We reached the hospital in eight minutes, maybe the road was empty because of Holi, but by the time we entered the hospital, he had fainted. ,

stopped responding

The team of doctors in the hospital checked him up. But after some time the doctors told that he is not responding. The manager said, it was 12:36 at that time. I called the children of Satishji’s sister, who live in Delhi only. Then called his wife. However, Santosh did not inform Satish’s wife about his death. The manager had told the actor’s wife that he was in a serious condition.

Satish Kaushik said goodbye to this world on the night of 8th and 9th March. He was cremated on 9 March in Mumbai.

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