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Diet For Increase Eyesight: Our eyes are the most beautiful gift given by God. Through this we see colorful views of the world. But nowadays most of the people are troubled by the problem of eyes. Due to work, people work on laptop, computer for hours and the remaining work is completed by looking at the mobile. In such a situation, our delicate eyes become victims of many types of problems.

Due to our carelessness towards the eyes, they gradually become weak and at an early age thick spectacles keep their guard over them. In such a situation, we should take great care of our eyes. For this it is important that you pay special attention to your diet. Today we are going to tell you about some such things. By including those in the diet, you can maintain your eyesight for a long time. Let’s know in detail.

Include spinach in the diet

Everyone knows that green vegetables are very beneficial for us. But the nutrients present in spinach in green vegetables are very important for our eyes. Eyesight can be sharpened by its use. Spinach is rich in nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, magnesium and iron, which are a boon for the body as well as for our eyes. You can eat it in the form of juice or vegetable.

Include tomatoes in your diet

Red-red tomatoes look very good to eat. Their use increases the test of vegetables or pulses. Tell that the lycopene, vitamin C and vitamin A present in it increase the eyesight and also reduce the risk of eye related diseases. You can eat tomato juice, soup, salad etc.

Include capsicum in your diet

Capsicum vegetable looks very tasty to eat. It is also very beneficial for health. Vitamin C present in capsicum enhances the eyesight and also takes care of the skin. You can eat it as a vegetable as well and it tastes amazing in fried rice too.

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