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How To Make Natural Room Freshener

How To Make Natural Room Freshener: Every house says something, this line is from a famous ad. But it is 100% true that every house and the people living in it are different. Which have a great impact on the home and the home environment. Often you must have seen that a strange smell of dampness, or dust comes from many houses. Which are so fast that the head goes up. In such a situation, there are many types of room fresheners available in the market, which work very well to spread the fragrance. But after a while its fragrance gets lost somewhere. All these room fresheners are also very costly.

Today we are going to tell you the method of making room freshener naturally at home which is very useful for you. You do not even need to work very hard for this. So let’s know how to make room freshener naturally at home.

Make room freshener with rose flower

The fragrance of rose flower is very good. Everyone likes this. Flowers come to many people’s homes for worship. But people throw them away afterwards. If you also have rose flowers in your house, then you can make a natural room freshener from them. For this you boil rose leaves in hot water. Now let it cool down, when it cools down, put it in a spray bottle. Its fragrance is very good. If you want, you can also make natural room freshener of your favorite flower in the same way.

Clove and Cinnamon Make room freshener from

Lon and cinnamon are a kind of spices. Which are found in everyone’s kitchen. If there is a musty smell in your house, you can also make a natural room freshener using these two. For this, boil both the things well in water. Then let it cool down. When it cools down, put it in a spray bottle. Now spray it in your house. Believe me this fragrance will attract everyone.

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