Do you also have the problem of open pores?

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Home Remedies For Open Pores: Glowing face is everyone’s wish. But as soon as summer comes, many types of skin problems surround us. During this, especially the problem of open pores bothers the most. When these open pores become too big, they start to look very ugly. Because of which the risk of other skin problems like pimples, pimples etc. also increases a lot.

Many people go to the skin expert for this but it costs a lot of money. Which is not possible for everyone. In such a situation, today we are bringing two home remedies for you through our article, which prove to be very effective. Let’s know in detail.

use cucumber

Cucumber provides many benefits, it is not only good for health but also for the skin.Skin Care) is also very beneficial for Vitamin C and water are found in plenty in it. This removes the problem of open pores Home Remedies For Open Pores. For this, you can rub a piece of cucumber on your face. Or you can make a paste of cucumber and apply it on the face like a face pack.

use tea bags

Let us tell you that tea bags also prove to be very effective in getting rid of open pores. Actually, it has anti-oxidant properties which help a lot in tightening the skin and repairing damaged skin cells. For this, soak the tea bag in cold water. And after a while apply this water on your face with the help of cotton. Now leave it like this for 15 minutes. Then clean the face with clean water.

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