If the peace of the house has been disturbed, then do these measures of bread

roti ke vastu niyam

Bread Vastu Rules: There is definitely a kitchen in every house. This is a very important part of the house where Maa Annapurna resides. According to Vastu, there are some special rules of the kitchen, which if not followed, there is a Vastu defect. Just as the rules of Vastu related to kitchen affect our life, in the same way, there are some Vastu rules related to garbage from bread, which have a lot of impact in our life.

A plate of food remains incomplete without bread. But do you know that there are some tricks related to bread which can remove many problems from our life and can also become the cause of many problems. Today, through this article, we are going to tell you some such measures which can change your life.

some special tricks of roti

To remove Rahu Dosh

People who have Rahu Dosha in their horoscope face many problems in their life. To remove it, apply mustard oil on stale bread and feed it to a black dog. Rahu defect is removed by this.

To remove Pitra Dosh

The person who has Pitra Dosh in his horoscope, should make two breads and rice kheer and feed them to a crow on the new moon day.

If the peace of the house is disturbed then do these measures

There is domestic distress in the homes of many people. Due to which the peace of the house is disturbed. Those who are troubled by the troubles of the house, they should take out the first roti for the dog while cooking to get rid of it. This removes the troubles of the house.

Do these measures to remove financial crisis

Those people who have financial constraints in their house and mother Lakshmi has become angry, then the remedy of roti is very useful for them. For this, you put sugar in bread and feed it to the ants. By doing this there is no shortage of money.

to maintain prosperity

If you want to do something to maintain happiness and prosperity in your home, then the remedy of roti is very useful. Please tell that whenever you make roti for this, take out the first roti for the cow. and feed with your hands. This keeps happiness and prosperity in the house and happiness all around.

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