This person threatened Urfi Javed

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Uorfi Javed Case: A war has broken out between Urfi Javed and Faizan Ansari. Social media influencer Faizan Ansari has filed a court case against Urfi Javed. He has issued a legal notice accusing Urfi Javed of wearing gaudy clothes, spoiling the atmosphere and hurting the sentiments of a particular community.

Urfi Javed once again targeted (Uorfi Javed Case)

Urfi Javed’s difficulties are not taking the name of reducing. Every day someone or the other raises questions on Urfi Javed’s clothes and his rhetoric. In this episode, once again Faizan Ansari has targeted Urfi Javed. Ansari has dragged Urfi Javed to the court by threatening him. Faizan Ansari has said that if Urfi Javed wants to live in Mumbai, then his ‘limits and condition’ will have to change, otherwise he will not let him stay here.

Faizan Ansari threatened

Not only this, Faizan Ansari also called Urfi a ‘bad girl’ and said that if she did not change her dress and manners, he would not allow her to live in Mumbai. Now it is impossible for Urfi Javed to escape. They will have to change their limits and condition. The way of wearing clothes has to be changed. Urfi Javed will have to change everything if she wants to stay in Mumbai. Otherwise, I will not let him stay in Mumbai like this.

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have been its victims before

Let me tell you that this is not the first case when someone has targeted Urfi Javed’s clothes and her rhetoric. It has often been seen that from celeb to the general public, she has been trolling for this. On the other hand, Urfi Javed has also retaliated every time by coming to the media and giving answers to the people.

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