Virat fulfills Sai’s demand!

Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein

Missing someone I love: TV’s most loved show Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein is currently at an interesting juncture. Holi special episode is going on in the show. Holi festival is being celebrated with pomp in Virat’s house. Meanwhile Virat gets himself handcuffed along with Sai while intoxicated with cannabis. After this, Virat also does a lot of tamasha. Pakhi gets jealous seeing Virat’s drunken antics.

In a drunken state, Virat treats Sai as his wife. An inebriated Virat will be seen expressing his love for Sai. On the other hand, some people of the house will be surprised to see Virat doing this, apart from this, Pakhi’s face will turn pale after seeing all this.

Virat demands Sai (Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein)

The episode kicks off when Virat fulfills Sai’s demand for Gulal. Actually Sai expresses displeasure seeing this attitude of Virat. So there Virat will insist on Sai that he will open the handcuffs. But Sai has to paint it. After this Sai holds color in her hand and applies it on Virat’s cheek and Virat also goes to apply color to Sai. But the color used to paint Virat Sai is red. Virat applies red color on Sai’s forehead without thinking twice while Bhavani Devi becomes very happy while Pakhi and Ashwini are in tears.

next episode will be like this

While on one hand Virat is having a drunken frolic with Sai, on the other hand, Ajay Kamble will be seen throwing colors on Holi celebrations. Ajay has fitted a bomb in Vinayak’s speaker. In the upcoming episode of the show, both Sai and Virat’s children Savi and Vinayak will be kidnapped by goon Ajay. He leaves after writing a note for Sai, in which it is written that I had said that I will take revenge from you. Pakhi confronts Sai after hearing about Vinayak and Savi’s kidnapping. Pakhi says you are a bad mother. Savi and Vinayak’s lives are in danger because of you. Now it has to be seen how Virat saves the lives of his children.

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