Potato and lemon are the enemy of tanning

Skin Care In Summer

Skin Care In Summer: Summer has started. In this season, the condition of people gets worse due to scorching sun and sweating. As the heat increases, the skin and hair problems start increasing. In such a situation, due to sunlight, the skin gets burnt and tanning. That’s why people avoid going out in the sun. But many times one has to go out without wanting to, and because of this one gets sunburnt.

People use sunscreen, lotion and many types of beauty products to avoid sunburn and tanning, but in spite of this, blackness comes on the skin. If you are also struggling with this problem in this season, then there are some home remedies which are very useful for you. Let us know about those special home tips which will not let you lose the glow of your skin.

Turmeric and gram flour removes tanning

Turmeric and gram flour have been used for skin care since long. You can also use gram flour and turmeric to get rid of skin tan in the summer season. For this, you can apply a face pack of gram flour and turmeric. This removes the dead skin of the skin and increases the glow of the skin. To make it, add a spoonful of gram flour and a pinch of turmeric to a little raw milk. Now apply it on your face and neck. When it dries, clean it with normal water.

Cucumber is very good for skin

Cucumber is very good for health as well as for the skin. The antioxidant elements present in it help in removing tanning. Cucumber juice is very beneficial when tanning occurs on the skin during the summer season. For this, apply cucumber juice on the face and neck with the help of cotton and wash after about half an hour.

Or you can make a pack by mixing cucumber juice with sandalwood, gram flour etc. and apply it on the face-neck. This will make your face shine. And all the tanning will go away. You can apply this pack twice a week. The ascorbic acid present in cucumber accelerates the production of collagen in the skin, thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines that occur with age.

Potato is also the enemy of tanning

You can use potato to remove skin tanning in summer. The nutrients present in it take good care of your skin. For this, grate the potato and apply its juice on the face and neck. Or rub the potato directly on the face. This will make your face very clean.

Lemon is the best remedy to remove tanning

Everyone knows that many types of nutrients are found in lemon, which is very good for your skin and health. It takes care of the skin very well. All the spots on your face go away with the use of lemon. To get rid of skin tan in summer, you can apply lemon juice on the face with the help of cotton. Apart from this, you can also use lemon by mixing it in your face pack.

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