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Asthma Attack First Aid

Asthma Attack First Aid: Whenever the weather changes or pollution increases, the problems of asthma patients increase. Sometimes there is an asthma attack which can prove to be fatal. That’s why health experts always advise asthma patients to keep an inhaler with them. Because it can be used properly when needed. In such a situation, asthma patients need to be very careful.

But many times it happens that patients forget to carry inhaler with them. In such a situation, if suddenly they get an asthma attack, then there can be a lot of trouble. In fact asthma In this problem, there is swelling in the tube carrying oxygen from the lungs and due to this the patient is not able to breathe properly. In today’s article, we are going to tell you that, if a patient suddenly gets an asthma attack, and he does not have an inhaler, then what should be done at that time to get relief?
Everyone read this article very carefully, because one of your precautions can save someone’s life. Let’s know in detail.

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What should be done in case of asthma attack? Asthma Attack First Aid

After this ask the patient to take a deep breath.
If the patient has an inhaler, use it immediately.
If there is no inhaler, then give hot or lukewarm water, coffee etc. to the patient.
Take special care that, do not let the patient lie down when the attack comes.

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What precautions should be taken by an asthma patient?

asthma patients Asthma Attack First Aid One should be careful of those things which trigger an asthma attack.
Use a mask before stepping out of the house.
Wake up in a dusty place.
Always carry an inhaler with you.
And take great care of your food.

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