Not getting job even after trying a lot

Lemon Remedies in Vastu

Lemon Remedies in Vastu: Many times even after working hard, proper results are not achieved. In such a situation, there is disappointment in the mind, and the person goes under stress. Every person wants that he has a lot of money and he can do all his work well. But on the contrary, financial crisis always haunts. When success does not come in hand even after working hard. So this could be a reason for Vastu defect. If something like this is happening with you too then do not worry. We are bringing some lemon remedies for you, which will bring blessings to your home.

Architectural (Answer) Lemon has great importance. Many problems can be overcome by this. According to the rules of Vastu Shastra, you can also use lemon to remove your problems. Let us know in detail.

for job success

There are many people who work very hard but they cannot get a job. In such a situation, this remedy of lemon is very useful. For this, take a lemon in the morning and bury 4 cloves in it. Then go to any Hanuman temple and recite Hanuman Chalisa. After this, pray to God while chanting Hanuman Mantra. By doing this you will definitely get success.

for evil eye

Lemon is useful for many types of remedies. If the shadow of an evil eye falls on someone’s house, then the whole house gets ruined. Everyone’s work starts deteriorating and illness and distress prevail in the house. In such a situation, lemon helps you a lot in removing the evil eye. Vaastu Shaastra (Vastu ShastraAccording to ), for this you take a lemon and remove it from head to toe seven times and cut the lemon into four parts and throw it at a crossroads. Keep in mind that after throwing, do not look back.

for business growth

Even after working hard many times, there is no success in business. Instead of increasing the work, losses start happening. In such a situation, you must take lemon remedy to increase your business. For this, touch the four walls of your office or shop with lemon on Saturday. Then cut this lemon into four pieces and throw them one by one in all the four directions at the crossroads. Tell that, by removing negative energy, this remedy will double your business day and night.

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