People used to make fun of Darsheel Safari

Darsheel Safary

Darsheel Safari Birthday: ‘Taare Zameen Par’ fame actor Darsheel Safary is celebrating his birthday today. Darsheel Safari was born on 9 March 1997 in Mayanagari Mumbai. Let’s know some special things related to Darsheel Safari on this special occasion-

Has played the lead role in the film ‘Taare Zameen Par’

Darsheel Safary, who settled in people’s mind through just one film, has turned 26 today. One of his characters played at a young age is so engrossed in the minds of people today that he is no longer dependent on any identity. In fact, in the year 2007, Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan brought the film ‘Taare Zameen Par’. In this film, along with Aamir, a small child was also in the lead role. That kid was none other than Darsheel Safary.

People have made a lot of fun (Darsheel Safary Struggle)

However, there is a lot of struggle behind achieving that position. Remembering the days of his struggle, Darsheel Safari had shared many stories. During an interview, Darsheel Safari had kept many stories in front of people remembering his childhood days. He told that people have made fun of his teeth a lot. Darsheel Safary has said that- Apart from acting, there were some things in my life, because of which I had to face jokes and taunts everyday.

Made my weakness my strength (Darsheel Safary Interview)

He said that people made fun of me a lot because of my height and teeth. My teeth had come out for 1 kilometer. Everything happens for a reason but then because of those teeth I got the film. The way I see it, it’s a learning thing, you should never let your shortcomings affect you. Rather it should be taken in a positive way.

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