Safety Of Pregnant Women In Holi: Pregnant women should not do this work even by mistake on Holi

Safety Of Pregnant Women In Holi

Safety Of Pregnant Women In Holi: This year, on 8 March 2023, Holi, the festival of colours, will be celebrated across the country. Everyone is very excited for this festival. But sometimes the colors of Holi disturb your life. Those who are pregnant women should play Holi very carefully. Because your little carelessness can invite a big trouble. Today’s article is for those pregnant women who are thinking of playing Holi. We are going to tell you what precautions you should take. Who does not create disturbance in your festival. Let us know in detail.

Avoid playing Holi with water

Women who are pregnant should not play Holi with water. Many times Holi with water (Holi) Playing increases the chances of an accident. Because the ground becomes wet due to water and the chances of slipping increase. If you want to play Holi then play Holi with dry Gulal and Abir.

play holi with herbal colors only

Let us tell you that the skin of pregnant women becomes very sensitive. Because of which chemical colors can harm them. In such a situation, use only herbal colors to play Holi. Also, you must apply some moisturizer or coconut oil on your skin on the day of Holi, it makes it easier to clean the colors.

Pregnant women should not run too much

Women need to be very careful during pregnancy. Excessive running can become the cause of trouble. Holi festival is about to come, so women who are pregnant should not run too much. Because it increases the risk of miscarriage. Also, avoid going to crowded places.

don’t do drugs

On the day of Holi, bhang pakodas are made in many homes and bhang thandai is also made. Which people drink and eat with great fervor. But tell that pregnant women should not consume these drugs at all. This has a bad effect on the health of both the mother and the child.

don’t eat too much fried

On the day of Holi, pakodas, puris and kachoris are made in every house. Which looks very good to eat. But pregnant women should consume them in less quantity. Because eating too much fried food can cause gas and acidity problems. The problem of gas during pregnancy bothers women a lot. That’s why they should take special care of their diet.

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