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Happy Holi Wishes Quotes in Hindi: The festival of Holi is going to be celebrated with great fanfare across the country on 8th March. Everyone is very excited for this festival of colors. People have started preparations for this power many days ago. From now on, the brightness of the markets is worth seeing, the markets are decorated all around with colors, different types of pichkaris and many other things. On this day people send greeting messages to everyone in the form of love and brotherhood. Today we are bringing some special messages for you which you can send to your close relatives and friends.

Holi 2023 Wishes Messages & Images

If someone is angry, persuade him today,
forget all the mistakes today
Apply the color of friendship to everyone today friends,
If you celebrate Holi today, celebrate it like this.
happy Holi !

May your life be full of colors,
May your world be filled with lots of happiness
This is my prayer to God this time,
Happy Holi to you from the bottom of my heart every time.
happy Holi !

May your words always be sweet
May your bag be filled with happiness,
Happy holi to all of you from me

’tis the season of hearts
it’s time to bridge the gap
Holi festival is like this
’tis the season to drown in colors
Happy Holi 2023

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Rangoli made of seven colors
My bag is full of happiness,
Holi is a game of colors
Everyone gets colored in colors,
Holi comes in every Falgun month
Holi brings a flight of colours.
happy Holi !

Kanhaiya created Raas in Gokul
become colorful in Holi
decorated with colors by each
Even today gopis look at the path of Kanha
happy holi

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Some people make Holi wishes in advance as well. In such a situation, this special message for them too, which they can send to their loved ones.

Kabir ji had said,
Do it tomorrow, do it today
Do today, sleep now
network will be down
When will you wish again, that’s why…
happy holi in advance

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Fill the pitcher with the color of love,
Color the whole world with the color of affection,
Yeh Rang Na Jane Koi Jaat Na Boli,
Happy Holi coming to you.
happy holi in advance

Today’s world is very advanced,
Living in such an advanced world,
From an advanced guy,
Happy Holi to you.
happy holi in advance

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