People with such shaped neck are rich in luck

samudrik shastr 4

Samudrik Shastra: Just as the future of a person is known by looking at the horoscope, in the same way, in Samudrik Shastra, the future of a person is told on the basis of the texture of his body. On the basis of the shape and size of our body, it is known that what is their nature and how is their fate.

Today, through this article, we are going to tell what the shape of your neck says about you. Which is very important for everyone to know. Let’s know in detail.

people of equal length and breadth of neck

oceanography (Samudrik ShastraAccording to ), people whose neck length and width are almost the same, such people come in the category of ideal neck people. Tell that, such people are truthful and idealistic, and are interested in social work. as well as for the welfare of the society
Contribute as much as possible.

straight necked people

It has been mentioned in the Samudrik Shastra that people whose neck is straight, they are self-confident and self-respecting. Tell that such people make their own identity in the society and climb the ladder of success. Along with this, these people are very forward in maintaining friendship. Apart from this, these people do their every work very well and with full honesty.

short necked people

According to oceanic science, if a person’s neck is smaller than normal, then such people are considered to be of simple nature. These people are less talkative by nature. These people only mind their own business, and are humble in nature. People are attracted towards them because of their simple nature. Please tell that due to their simple nature, these people also get cheated many times in their life.

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