Kitchen in this direction spoils women’s health

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Kitchen Vastu Tips: Kitchen is an important part of every house. Mother Annapurna resides in this. It is believed in Vastu Shastra that whenever a kitchen is made in the house, take great care of the direction and condition. Actually, if there is Vastu defect in the kitchen, it disturbs the happiness and peace of the house. And the atmosphere of discord and tribulation remains in the house. Furthermore, having kitchen in the wrong direction also hinders the marriage of children.

Along with this, the health of the women working in the kitchen of the house is also badly affected. In today’s article, we are going to tell you in which direction and how the kitchen of the house should be. Also, if there is Vastu defect in the kitchen then how to remove it.

How should be the kitchen of your house Kitchen Vastu Tips

Architectural (AnswerAccording to ) it is very good to have the right direction of the kitchen of the house in the south-east (southeast-angle) direction. Please tell that, if the kitchen of the house is in the west direction, then it can cause a huge Vastu defect. Due to this, the people of the house get diseases and troubles.

Tell that it is auspicious to keep the stove in the south-east (southeast angle) in the kitchen. The women of the house should keep in mind that when they cook food, their face should be in the east direction, this keeps their health good. And the grace of Maa Lakshmi also remains.

People whose fridge is kept in the kitchen. Those people should keep in mind that their refrigerator should be placed in south or west direction. Due to this, happiness and peace remains in the house and Vastu defects are also removed.

Kitchen Vastu Tips to remove Vastu defects in the kitchen

If your kitchen is not in the right direction according to Vastu, then put a red bulb in the south-east direction of the kitchen.
Also always let it burn. It is believed that this removes Vastu defects.

According to Vastu, to remove the Vaastu defects of the kitchen, paint light orange color on its walls. Due to this, positive energy resides in the house.

Those people who have Vastu defect in their kitchen, those people should get Swastik and Om symbol made in their house. Vastu defect is removed by this and the grace of Goddess Lakshmi also remains.

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