MC Steyn saw friend’s murder in front of his eyes

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MC Stan: Bigg Boss 16 winner MC Stan has recently made a disclosure. He has told that in his childhood one of his friends was murdered in front of his eyes. Not only this, Stan had told that his life was also in danger.

MC Steyn is everywhere

Bigg Boss 16 winner MC Stan is in limelight these days. MC Stan has won this trophy by defeating very popular faces in the show. However, he has also been trolled a lot for this. Despite all this, he never took the trollers seriously. Ever since MC Stan came out of the house. He is being seen in interviews one after the other. During these interviews, MC Steyn has revealed that he has seen a lot in his childhood. Actually he has given an interview, in which he mentioned the bad incidents of his childhood.

Many secrets opened in the interview

Stan told in a podcast that he saw his friend being murdered in front of his eyes. He said that there was a time when there was only trouble around me. Then it was my friend’s birthday and he was cutting his birthday cake. At that time someone held a knife to his throat and killed him. There were so many blows to his throat that he died instantly. Stan reveals that there was an attempt to kill him as well.

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Singer will appear on musical show

Let us tell you that there is good news for Stan’s fans. Actually MC Stan is also going to go on a musical tour of India. Stan will kick off his musical tour on March 19. During this, he will perform his concert in different cities of the country. MC Steyn’s fan following has increased a lot after coming out of the Bigg Boss 16 house.

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