These symptoms are visible in the child

Symptoms Of Diabetes In Children

Symptoms Of Diabetes In Children: The disease of diabetes is spreading its legs very fast. Everyone from adults to children are suffering from this disease. There is no permanent cure for diabetes. Only by avoiding you can control diabetes. There are two types of this disease, first type-1 and second type-2.

Let us tell you that in type-1 diabetes, insulin is not produced in the body, in which case insulin injections have to be taken. And in type-2 diabetes, insulin is not made according to the requirement. Apart from this, Type-1 diabetes occurs due to genetic reasons. Those people who already have a history of diabetes in their house, the risk of this disease is very high.

When a child has diabetes (Diabetes) then it is type-1 diabetes. If its symptoms are detected on time, then the disease can be controlled, but if it is delayed, then this disease takes the child in its custody for a lifetime. Today we are going to tell some such symptoms which are indicative of diabetes. Know in detail.

always feeling tired

It is normal if your child is feeling tired after physical activity. But if the child is feeling tired even without any physical activity, then you should not take this thing lightly. Because it can be a symptom of diabetes. In this case, seek advice from the sector.

frequent urination

When your child is urinating frequently even after drinking less water, then you should be a little aware of the child. Because frequent urination even after drinking less water can be a sign of diabetes. In this case consult a doctor immediately. And get the child’s sugar level checked.


If sometimes your child pees the bed at night, then it is not a big problem. But if this problem is happening again and again, then you should immediately take your child to the doctor. Because this is a sign of diabetes. If it is treated on time, then it is fine, otherwise the problem may increase further.

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