If you are going to build a house then keep these things in mind

vastu tips for home

Vastu Tips for Home: Everyone dreams of having a house. People work very hard to build a house. Actually, in today’s time, building a house has become very expensive. In such a situation, it is very important for those who work hard to make their house that there should be happiness and peace in their house. Please tell that while building a house, some rules of Vastu should be taken care of from the very beginning so that there is no Vastu defect in the house.

Today we are going to tell you some such measures which can be done before the construction and entry of a new house, which can make your house as happy and peaceful as heaven. So let’s know about those special measures which will fill positive energy in your house and everyone will progress. Let’s know in detail.

main door

If you are building your dream home then Vastu (Answer) must keep in mind that it is better if it is towards the east. Also keep in mind that it should open smoothly without any sound. Also, color it well for positive energy. Because not only Hum Tum but also positive and negative energy comes through the main door.


When you are building a house, keep in mind that the balcony of your house should be located in the north or east direction. Due to this, positive energy remains in the house. In such a situation, you should keep this place clean and empty.


The main bedroom of the house should be made in the south-west direction of the house. And keep in mind that do not keep a mirror in the main bedroom even by mistake. This can cause restlessness and disturb sleep.

guest room

Everyone makes a room in their house on the guest room tour. However, sometimes this is not possible due to lack of space. But if possible, the gate room should always be made in the north-west or north-east direction of the house. Due to this Vastu defects in the house.Vastu doshAlso refrain from using someone else’s used bed. It is believed that negative energy comes from this.

reading room

If you are planning to have a reading room in your dream home, then plan to have it in the North-East or East direction of the house. That’s why there should be good lighting in the reading room to increase concentration. Along with this, due to having a reading room in this direction, one feels inclined to study.

dining rooms

Please tell that, according to Vastu, the dining room should be in the west or north-west direction of the house. In Vastu, it is advised to avoid eating while facing west.

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