sushmita sen got heart attack

sushmita sen

Sushmita Sen Heart Attack: Bollywood’s popular actress Sushmita Ho recently had a heart attack. Sushmita Sen herself has given this information through a post on her Instagram. There has been a stir in the industry since this post. Although he has also said in his post that he is absolutely fine.

Stays active on social media (Sushmita Sen Heart Attack)

Everyone’s eyes are always fixed on Bollywood’s most favorite actress Sushmita Sen. Wherever she goes, from media to fans, everyone is seen showing interest in her. For these fans, Sushmita Sen appears very active on social media. Whenever she takes any step from her personal to professional life, she definitely involves her fans in it. He has done something similar once again.

Information given through post (Instagram Post)

Taking the help of social media, Sushmita Sen has told that she had a heart attack a few days ago. He has given this information through a post on Instagram. Sushmita Sen shared a picture with her father on Instagram and along with it she told that she had a heart attack a few days ago, though she is fine now.

In her post, the actress wrote- ‘Keep your heart happy and courageous, and it will stand by you when you need it the most. I had a heart attack a few days ago. Angioplasty has been done… Stunt has been done… and most importantly, my cardiologist has confirmed that ‘my heart is big’.

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Posting said ‘thank you’

In her note, Sushmita further wrote- ‘Many people should be thanked for helping on time and doing constructive work… Will do that in another post! This post is just to give you (my well wishers and dear ones) the good news… that all is well and I am ready to live again.

bad condition of fans

Since this post of his, he is being discussed everywhere. Fans are commenting fiercely on this post of his. This is very shocking news for all. Due to this people are commenting fiercely in the comment section.

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