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There is a village where Holi is not celebrated, nor are dishes prepared

Holi 2023: Holi festival is about to come, in such a situation everyone is looking excited. It becomes difficult to identify people who are colored in red, green, blue, yellow colors of Holi. Everyone is drenched in the colors of Holi. But do you know that there is a place where Holi is not celebrated? Nor is any dish prepared here on the day of Holi. Yes, you read it right, this place is Sati village near Munger district of Bihar.

In fact, the festival of Holi is not celebrated in this village of Bihar for the last 200 years. While Holi is celebrated all over the country on one hand, there is silence in this village. Everyone’s routine is like normal days. Neither any color nor dish.

Holi is not celebrated in this village for the last 200 years

Sati place of Asarganj, about 50 kilometers away from Munger district headquarters, is a village where Holi festival is not celebrated for the last 200 years. The people who live in that village do not celebrate Holi at all. Along with that, those people who have gone and settled outside the village, they also do not celebrate Holi. Neither anyone applies color to anyone nor any dish is prepared. Moreover, the people of other villages also do not apply color to the people of this village. The local people there say that now it has become a tradition here. Because there is a danger of disaster due to this.

Why don’t the people of this village celebrate Holi

When the people living there were asked why Holi is not celebrated in this village, then people told a legend. A local told that, 200 years back an old couple lived in the village. Her husband died on the day of Holika Dahan in the month of Phalgun. When that woman’s husband died, the woman expressed her desire to become Sati with her husband. But the villagers locked the woman in the house.

When people were taking the bier to the crematorium, during that time their dead bodies used to fall repeatedly before going out of the village. It is said that then the villagers took his wife from home and then there was no problem in taking the funeral procession. It is said that on going to the crematorium, the pyre of the husband caught fire on its own and the wife also became sati in it. Let us tell you that this incident took place at the place where there is a Sati temple today. This village has also been named as Sati Sthan after the same incident.

I am afraid to celebrate Holi

Holi festival has not been celebrated in this village for the last 200 years. Now it has become like a tradition here. But those who have tried to break this tradition, either something untoward happens in their house or the fire breaks out in the house. That’s why now there is a fear in the minds of the people that if Holi is celebrated or dishes are prepared, some untoward incident will happen.


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