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Saturn’s Sade Sati goes away by worshiping this plant

Rules of Shami Plant: Trees and plants are considered very important in Vastu Shastra. There are many such plants which are mentioned in Vastu Shastra. Shami plant is one of those plants. This plant has great importance from the point of view of worship. This plant is very miraculous, those who worship it methodically get auspicious results. It is believed that by worshiping Shami’s plant on Saturday, Saturn’s defects are removed. And there is happiness and peace in the house. Apart from this, it is also believed that Shami plant is also very dear to Bhole Baba. That’s why the leaves of this plant are also used in the worship of Lord Shiva.

Importance of Shami plant Rules of Shami Plant

Shami plant is considered a very sacred plant. Worshiping this plant removes many types of defects. Vaastu Shaastra It has also been said that Vastu defects are removed by planting Shami plant in the house. This removes the obstacles in the house. Tell that if someone in the house
If there is an effect of Saturn’s Sade Sati, then planting Shami plant in the house reduces the effect of Sade Sati.

Take special care of these things

According to Vastu Shastra, it is very important to take care of the direction while planting Shami plant in the house.
If this plant is planted in the east direction of the house, it brings prosperity to the house.
This plant should never be planted in a dirty place.
If you plant Shami plant on the roof of your house, then it is auspicious to plant it in the south direction.

When to plant Shami plant Rules of Shami Plant

Please tell that Shami plant is considered very auspicious. Those people who are affected by Saturn’s Sade Sati, those people should bring this plant in their house on Saturday. This reduces the effect of Sade Sati. Along with this, Lord Bhole Baba is also pleased by worshiping this plant. If you also want to please Bhole Baba, then worship this plant.


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