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These remedies of Hanuman ji will make you rich

Remedies for Tuesday: Every day in Hinduism one or the other deity is worshipped. Tuesday is dedicated to Hanuman, the son of Pawan. Worshiping him on this day gives many benefits. It is believed that the person on whom the grace of Hanuman ji remains, all his spoiled works become done. That is why they are also called Sankat Mochan.

Hanuman ji is also called a devotee of Ram. Those people who have Mangal Dosh in their horoscope, their works also get spoiled. In such a situation, today’s article is very useful for those who want to improve their Mars. Let us know some special measures which are going to be of great use to you. By doing these all the wishes of the devotee are fulfilled.

Peepal leaf remedy

If Mars is sitting in the wrong house in your horoscope, then Tuesday is the best day to please Hanuman ji. For those who are struggling with financial crisis, the remedy of Peepal leaves is considered very effective on this day. Tell that on Tuesday offer 11 Peepal leaves to Bajrangbali. Keep in mind that not a single leaf should be broken. Making a garland of these leaves and offering it to Hanuman ji is also beneficial.

coconut remedy

To remove the troubles of the house, this remedy related to coconut on Tuesday also proves to be very effective. Take Tuesday’s coconut and go to any Hanuman temple. Now rotate it 7 times with your head and break it in front of Hanuman ji. This will remove all the troubles from your house.

vermilion remedy

Offering vermilion to Hanuman ji on Tuesday is auspicious for happiness and prosperity in the house. By offering vermilion and jasmine oil to Hanuman ji on Tuesdays, Bajrangbali is quickly pleased and blesses with happiness and prosperity. Along with this, your spoiled works also get done.

Tulsi Remedy

It has been told that Tulsi is very dear to Hanuman ji. That’s why on Tuesday, write Shri Ram with vermilion on Tulsi leaf at the feet of Hanuman ji and offer it to him. Bajrangbali is pleased with this measure. Those devotees who want to please Hanuman ji, those people should do these measures on Tuesday. Along with this, Hanuman ji should be offered Bundi laddoos.


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