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Now Rakhi Sawant will do such work, big stars left behind

Rakhi Sawant: The most popular Rakhi Sawant of the entertainment industry is going to open her acting academy. In this academy, acting will be taught to those people who want to make their career in Bollywood. Rakhi has left from the airport today for the launch of this academy.

Rakhi Sawant is a bundle of entertainment

Rakhi Sawant has a long association with the limelight. Rakhi Sawant is called the box of entertainment. Wherever she goes, she becomes the talk of the town. It has often been seen that she remains in headlines with her statements. Now the same Rakhi Sawant is opening her own acting institute. Rakhi Sawant herself has disclosed this in front of the media.

Academy will open at this place

Rakhi Sawant told that I have opened an academy in Karama which will teach golf and acting to people from other countries so that they can get work in Bollywood. Rakhi has left to launch this academy. He was also spotted by Paparazzi at the airport.

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Shooting Music Video

Please tell that these days Rakhi Sawant is shooting a music video. The special thing about this music video is that this song is based on the life of Rakhi herself. If sources are to be believed, this is going to be his costliest shoot till date.
Rakhi Sawant, who is always in discussion, is once again in discussion about her personal life. In fact, Rakhi Sawant has filed a case against her husband Adil Durrani.

Serious allegations against Adil Durrani

Please tell that Rakhi Sawant had a court marriage with Adil Durrani. Not only this, Rakhi says that for this she has also changed her religion. Now Rakhi has made serious allegations like assault along with extra marital affair on her husband. Due to which Adil Durrani was caught by the police. Although now he is out of jail.


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