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Your koftas are also becoming tight as a stone.

How To Make Soft Koftas: Often many people make koftas in their homes. They look very tasty to eat, some people make veg kofta and some make non-veg. But sometimes the koftas become so tight that it becomes difficult to eat them. Many people ask this question that vegetable koftas made of lye kofta from the market become so soft, but why the koftas made at home are so tight.

Kofta dish looks very tasty to eat, but the condition is that it should be tassy and soft. If you are also one of those people whose koftas are made tight, then today’s article is going to be very useful for them. Let us know how to make soft kofta.

the consistency of the mixture is correct

To make koftas, keep in mind that the mixture should be thick. If the mixture is thick then your koftas will be soft and delicious. If you are going to make gourd koftas, then for this, after grating the ghee, remove its water properly. And add salt only when making koftas, otherwise the batter may leave water.

Make stuffing kofta

If your koftas are made tight then you can also make stuffing to make them soft. For this, it would be better if you make cheese stuffing. This will make the koftas soft and creamy in texture. If you want, you can also make stuffing of potatoes and onions.

use breadcrumbs

Sometimes they break while making koftas. In such a situation, if you have bread kept in your fridge, then make breadcrumbs using it and add it to the batter of kofta. This will bind your koftas well and they will become very crispy and soft. Whoever eats it will enjoy it.

Fry the koftas the right way

When you are preparing to make koftas, make sure that they are fried well. For this, first fry the koftas in high flame and then reduce the flame. This will cook them from inside and also become soft. Let us tell you that the koftas which are not cooked well remain raw from inside and when you put them in the curry, they become tight.


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