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Your hair is damaged after hair straightening

Hair Straightening Care: Women often get their hair straightened, which looks great. But sometimes due to straightening of the hair, it gets damaged. Actually hair straightening is not very good for the hair, because of this the hair starts breaking and becomes lifeless. Which later looks very ugly.

Straight hair is everyone’s favorite, it looks great. There are many people who get their hair straightened, as long as they are straight they look good. But later they look very ugly. In such a situation, your hair needs hydration. Today we are going to tell you how you can make damaged and dry hair shiny and healthy again.

get a hair trim

Hair gets damaged after straightening. In such a situation, you can get them trimmed to fix your damaged hair. Let us tell you that this makes your hair grow faster and dry and moldy hair after straightening is repaired again.

don’t wash hair too often

There are many people who keep washing their hair everyday. But let us tell you that it is not good for your hair. This removes the natural oil present in the drains. And they start getting lifeless.

Cover your hair while going out in the sun

Keep in mind that whenever you go out, cover your hair properly. Because hair becomes very sensitive after straightening. In such a situation, they get spoiled due to sunlight. Also, keep in mind that keep them covered even while swimming.

Get deep conditioning done in hair

People who have done hair straightening should go for deep conditioning treatment to hydrate the hair. This repairs your hair. Apart from this, you can take a good hair spa. This gives moisture to the hair, which reduces its dryness and makes it appear healthy.

Use only sulfate free shampoo and conditioner

Use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to prevent damage to your hair. Because sulfate shampoo can make your hair dry, which can cause them to break. So use a good sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. This gives a lot of nutrition to the hair.


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