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Do these measures on Monday to remove Pitra Dosh

Monday’s Remedy: Gods and Goddesses are worshiped a lot in Sanatan Hindu religion. There are seven days in a week and each day is dedicated to one or the other deity. The first day of the week starts from Monday and this day is dedicated to Lord Bhole Nath. It is believed that auspicious results are obtained by worshiping him on this day.

In Hinduism, Lord Shiva is called Bhole Nath. It is believed that he is the most innocent god and it is very easy to convince him. The devotee who worships him with a true heart, his grace always remains on him. It is said that to please Bholenath, most of the women and girls keep fast on Monday, which is considered very fruitful. Today we are going to tell you about some special remedies on Monday, by doing which Bholenath will be pleased soon and will keep his blessings on you.

wear this color

On Monday, wake up early and take bath etc. and then wear white, green, yellow, red or sky colored clothes and go to the temple and worship Lord Shiva. Bhole Nath will be pleased soon and will give auspicious results by accepting your worship.

worship facing north

When you are worshiping, keep in mind that your face should be towards the north. It is believed that worshiping facing this direction is auspicious.

Offer Akshat to Lord Shiva

On every Monday you worship Lord Shiva and offer Akshat (rice) to him while worshiping. But keep in mind that the Akshat you are offering should not be broken (broken). Otherwise Baba Bhole can get angry.

donate white cheese

On Monday, you should worship Baba Bhole with true mind and method and donate white things like milk, sugar, rice to the needy in the evening. This is considered very auspicious. The devotee who does this work, all his troubles go away and auspicious results are attained.

Recite Shiva Raksha Stotra

It is believed that all the troubles of the devotees who recite Shiva Raksha Strot on Mondays go away. By doing this, there is never a shortage of money, and Lord Shiva’s grace is always there.

Donate black sesame and rice to remove Pitra Dosh

It is believed that donating black sesame mixed with raw rice on Monday evening is fruitful. It is believed that by doing this remedy, the effect of Pitra Dosh is reduced.

Do this to remove the effect of Moon defect

Those people who have Moon defect, they should worship Lord Shiva by wearing white clothes on Monday. Also, when going out of the house, apply white sandalwood tilak on the forehead. By doing this every Monday, the effect of Chandra Dosh is reduced.

Worship Bhole Baba with these things on Monday

If you say that Baba Bhole becomes happy with you quickly, then you should worship Lord Bhole every Monday with Akshat, Chandan, Dhatura, Milk, Aake, Ganga Jal, and Belpatra etc. This makes them happy quickly.


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