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Make Holi special with these Pakodas

Holi Special Corn Pakodas: Many types of dishes are prepared on the day of Holi. Especially wood is definitely made. On this day potato fritters, cauliflower fritters, paneer fritters and mixed fritters are made in every house. But this time we are going to tell you the recipe of making pakodas of a special thing. Which are very fun to eat. These are baby corn pakoras, these pakoras will add more color to Holi by being crunchy. Let us know how to make baby corn pakoras.

Ingredients required to make Baby Corn Pakodas Holi Special Corn Pakodas

250 grams baby corn
1 tbsp oil
3 tbsp flour
3 tbsp gram flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp red chili powder
1 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp coriander powder
For masala paste: 1 tsp ginger-garlic paste
salt to taste
1 tsp cumin powder
oil for frying

Easy way to make baby corn pakoras

Baby Corn Fritters Holi Special Corn Pakodas To make it, take water in a pan and put half a teaspoon of salt in it.
Now put baby corn in this water and boil it for 3-4 minutes so that the baby corn becomes soft.
Now in a big bowl add all purpose flour, gram flour, salt, turmeric powder, red chilli powder and coriander powder.
Make a thick paste by adding a little water to it, and keep this paste in the fridge for 15 minutes.
As of now, add ginger-garlic paste, red chili, turmeric, cumin powder, coriander, salt and a little oil in another bowl and mix.

Now add baby corn to it, mix it well and keep it for 10-15 minutes.
After this, you mix this corn in gram flour and flour paste.
Now it is time to fry, for this put oil in a pan and heat it.
When the oil becomes hot, make pakoras from the prepared mixture on medium flame.
Fry them till they turn golden brown from both the sides.
Your crispy baby corn fritters are ready.
Now serve them with your favorite sauce or chutney.


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