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Shahnaz Gill surrounded by Sona Mohapatra

Sona Mohapatra vs Shehnaaz Gill: Singer Sona Mohapatra has tweeted taunting singer and actor Shahnaz Gill. After this tweet, Shehnaaz Gill’s fans are trolling her fiercely.

Always gave impeccable statement (Sona Mohapatra vs Shehnaaz Gill)

Sona Mohapatra’s name is taken among those singers in the industry who are known for their outspokenness along with their singing. Sona Mohapatra has spoken on many serious issues from time to time. Many times she is also appreciated for this step, and many times she has been badly trolled for this.

Direct target on Shehnaaz Gill

Now once again he has raised his voice and raised this voice not for anyone else but for singer and actor Shahnaz Gill. As usual, Sona Mohapatra has taken a jibe at Shahnaz, taking the help of social media. Now on this act of Sona Mohapatra, the fans of Shahnaz Gill are trolling her fiercely. Let us tell you the whole matter….

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Shehnaaz Gill’s video went viral (Shehnaaz Gill Viral Video)

Actually a few days ago a video of Shahnaz Gill went viral on social media. It is clearly visible in this video that Shahnaz stops her song midway due to the start of Azaan. Shahnaz was about to sing a few lines of one of her songs when the Azaan started and the actress stopped in the middle. Her fans were impressed by this step of Shahnaz.

Sona Mohapatra tweeted

Now Sona Mohapatra has raised questions on this step of Shahnaz. Taking to Twitter, Sona Mohapatra said that this video of Shahnaz Gill reminds me of Sajid Khan, accused of sexual abuse, who came on national television and Shahnaz Gill supported him. She further says that I wish she had some respect for her sisterhood. #MeToo’

wrote this thing

The matter did not end there. Sona Mohapatra targeted Shahnaz through another tweet, she said, ‘Dear trolls, you are raising your voice for someone like Jacqueline, I can’t understand what is actually the talent of Shahnaz, except reality. Now after this tweet, the fans of Shahnaz Gill are taunting Sona fiercely.


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