Black lips are embarrassing then try this home remedy

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Lip Care Tips: Pink lips enhance the beauty of the face. People use many types of lip care to keep their lips pink. But many times these lip care items destroy the softness and pinkness of our lips. Actually, many types of chemicals are found in cheap lip care items which are not at all good for the health of our lips.

However, sometimes due to illness and weakness and sometimes due to smoking, our lips turn black. In such a situation, it is advised that smoking should not be done, it is harmful for both health and lips.
Those who remain like this for a long time. But there are some home remedies that can make your dark lips pink. Today’s article is of great use to those people who want to make black lips pink. Let us know in detail.

List of things needed to make lips pink

Rose water
raw milk

To make lips pink, make lip care paste like this

First of all, mix two spoons of honey, three spoons of raw milk, two spoons of rose water in a bowl.
Now apply this prepared mixture on your blackened lips.
Leave it for about a minute and then massage for five minutes.
Now leave it on your lips for ten minutes.
Then clean it with plain water. And wipe it well.
After this, you can also apply homemade cream on your lips.
This will keep the lips soft.
You can try this remedy two to three times a week.
You will see the difference in a few days.

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