Those with such ears are lucky

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Samudra Shastra: Just as astrology tells about the future and behavior of people on the basis of palm lines and horoscope, in the same way, on the basis of texture of body parts in oceanography, the nature and future of a person is known. In fact, by looking at our hands, legs, ears, nose, eyes, and other organs in Samudri Shastra, it is known that how is your nature.

Human beings are different and human body structure is different. In the same way, some people have small ears, some have big ears, while some have thick ears and some have thin ones. Similarly, there are people with ears of different texture. In today’s article, let us tell on the structure of human ear, how people with type of ears behave. Let us know in detail.

People with smaller ears are lucky (Samudra Shastra)

You must have seen that many people have very small ears. oceanography (Samudra Shastra) People with such ears are considered very lucky. Please tell that these people never have shortage of money. Although people with such ears are a bit fickle by nature, they also have faith in God and worship. It is said about people with such ears that whenever their work gets stuck, they go to any extent to get it out.

people with big ears

It is believed that people who have very long ears or say whose lower part of the ear hangs more, they are very intelligent. Also, they are honest towards their work. There is no shortage of money in their life. These people are very punctual about both time and matter, but if someone does not pay attention to them, they get angry very soon.

long eared people

Let us tell you that people with big ears move forward a lot on the strength of their hard work. Along with this, they always occupy a good position, and are very lucky. The mind of these people is also very sharp.

round eared people

People who have round shaped ears are full of positive energy. The people who sit near him also feel positive energy. Such people are considered lucky in every way, neither they lack money nor any other comfort. Along with this, these people are also ready to help others.
These people have absolutely no shortage of money. Rather, they are always ready to help others with their wealth. They get all kinds of amenities.

flat eared people

According to Samudrik Shastra, people who have flat ears are open-minded. These people are rich in versatility and they do not like anyone’s restriction in their work. Also, they get attracted towards money soon.

wide eared people

There are many people whose ears are a bit too wide. It is believed that the life of people with such ears is full of happiness and they are very lucky.

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