Try these home remedies to control high cholesterol


Health Tips: The problem of high cholesterol has spread its legs very fast. This disease is being seen in people of all ages. Actually our wrong eating and lifestyle is largely responsible for this. Consuming too much of junk foods and packed food in your daily diet is one of the main reasons for this disease. Increase in bad cholesterol in the body increases the chances of heart attack and heart stroke.

We eat all these but do not do any special physical activity due to which problems make us its victims. Although the medicine given by the doctor is effective, but there are some home remedies which can help us get rid of this disease. There are some things kept in our house which are very useful in this disease. Let us know about those special home remedies that can get rid of cholesterol.

consume flax seeds

Flax seeds are very beneficial for our health. According to Ayurveda experts, the nutrients present in flaxseeds help cholesterol (Cholesterol) are a panacea for reducing them. Those people who are suffering from this disease must consume flax seeds. For this, make powder by grinding linseed seeds, and take one spoon of powder daily with lukewarm water on an empty stomach. By consuming it daily, your digestion system will be fine and you will get relief from the problem of cholesterol. You can also consume flax seeds by mixing them in salad or curd.

use cinnamon

Cinnamon is a type of spice, which is rich in many types of nutrients. Cholesterol problem can be controlled by consuming it. For this, make cinnamon powder and then put it in hot water and consume it. This brings down the cholesterol level fast and gives you relief. You can also drink cinnamon tea and eat it by adding it to vegetables etc.

eat apple empty stomach

Health experts say that eating apples on an empty stomach keeps cholesterol levels in check. Let us tell you, there are some such compounds in apple, which can help in reducing the cholesterol level. Apart from this, eating apple does not have many other health benefits.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for educational and informational purposes only. Take medical advice before adopting any remedy or prescription. e24Bollywood website does not endorse medical advice of any kind.

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