This is how Holi is celebrated in these states of India


Holi 2023: The festival of Holi is near, in such a situation people’s curiosity is increasing. Actually Holi festival is a festival of colors which drenches everyone in different colors. On this day people prepare different dishes and embrace everyone immersed in the colors. The festival of Holi is celebrated in different ways all over India. Somewhere Holi is celebrated with sticks and somewhere Holi is celebrated with flowers. Today we will tell that where Holi is celebrated.

This is how Holi is celebrated in Delhi

Delhi is the capital of the country and people of every caste and community live here. In such a situation, the colors of every state can be seen in Holi of Delhi. Please tell that here everyone is seen celebrating Holi in their own style.

Where on one hand children fill balloons with water and hit people hiding, on the other hand Holi party is organized at many places. People are seen having fun at every nook and corner on this day.

Holi is like this in Barsana

Lathmar of Barsana is very famous. Tourists come not only from the country but also from abroad to see this Holi. On Holi, the Hurriyares of Nandgaon go to Barsana with their shields and the gopis of Barsana play Holi with sticks.

In fact, this Holi does not happen only between Gopis and Huriyars, but other than them, other people watch the festival by standing around during this game. Tell that those people are called Hurriyare who go to Barsana only to play Holi.

Magnificent Holi of Vrindavan

If we talk about the best Holi, then it is the Holi of Vrindavan. In this, a sheet of flowers and gulal is seen spread everywhere. Which is a very adorable scene. On this day, from the streets of Vrindavan to the temple premises, you will see everyone dressed in the color of Gulal.

It is believed that on the day of Holi, Lord Krishna himself arrives among the devotees to play Holi. For this reason, devotees come from far and wide to see Holi here.

fun filled holi of haryana

Holi has a different style everywhere. If we talk about Holi of Haryana, then the talk of this Holi is something else. Very few people know about the Kolhade Wali Holi of Haryana. On this festival, all the women of the village twist the sardine into a rope and then beat the boys.

Whereas boys pour water on women to defend themselves. After the festival of Holi, the boys also feed some sweets to the women in the evening. In this way, Khatti Meethi Holi of Haryana is very fun.

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