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Yoga For Back Pain: Back pain has made it difficult to get up and sit, so follow the path of yoga, diseases will end from the root

Yoga For Back Pain: By doing yoga, our body remains healthy. Back pain is such a problem that is spreading its legs very fast, due to which many people are troubled. Although everyone has back pain, but women are more troubled by this disease. In such a situation, back pain can be relieved through yoga. People who do yoga regularly stay away from many types of diseases. There are some yoga asanas that are especially beneficial for low back pain.

In fact, when we have back pain, we eat pain killers, as long as it has an effect, the pain remains away. But as soon as the effect of the pain killer goes away, the pain also comes back to bother you. Because of which it becomes very difficult to get up, sit and lie down. In such a situation, some yoga poses are very useful for women. In today’s article, we are going to tell about some special yoga asanas which give quick relief from back pain. Let’s know in detail.

Bhungasan Inside1


Bhujangasana for back painYoga For Back Pain) is great for.
To do this asana, lie down on the ground on your stomach.
Now join the feet together and keep the palms near the chest in line with the shoulders.
Keep the body comfortable by keeping your forehead on the ground.
Then, taking a deep breath, lift the front part of the body upwards.
Keep both your hands straight. Stay in this posture for about 15-20 seconds.
Then, while exhaling, return back to the normal posture.

Ustrasana Camel pose


This asana also provides great relief from back pain.
For this, first of all you sit on your knees.
Now keep the width of both the knees equal to the shoulders and keep the soles spread wide towards the sky.
While bending the spine backward, try to touch the ankles with both the hands.
But keep in mind that there should not be much pressure on the neck while going into this pose.
The part from your waist to your knees should be straight.
Stay in this state and take a deep breath.
After some time he returned to his normal state.

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Shalabhasana (Yoga For Back Pain)

To do Shalabhasana, you lie down on your stomach.
Then put both your palms under the thighs.
Then keep the toes of your feet straight by connecting the ankles of both the feet together.
Now slowly try to raise your legs.
Take a deep breath while moving both the legs upwards.
Stay in this position for a few seconds and then bring the legs down while exhaling.
And come back to your normal state.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for educational and informational purposes only. Take medical advice before adopting any remedy or prescription. e24Bollywood website does not endorse medical advice of any kind.


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