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Samudra Shastra Rules: People with such hair are very loyal, they get success in every work

Samudra Shastra Rules: In Samudri Shastra, on the basis of body parts and its texture, its nature and future can be known. It has been mentioned in Samudrikshastra that how to know the nature of a person from the texture and structure of his hands and feet. In today’s article, we will tell about human nature and future on the basis of hair. Let us know in detail.

Human beings are different and their body shapes and sizes are also different. In the same way hair also varies. Many people have curly hair, some have very straight hair, while some people have very thick hair and some have thin hair. In such a situation, many things have been told in Samudrik Shastra on the basis of hair.

curly hair people

You must have seen many people whose hair is round and round. This hair is called curly hair. oceanography (Samudrik Shastra) According to people who have this type of hair, they are very active in their work. They definitely get success in the work they like. Because they do that work with full devotion and dedication. People with curly hair work hard to register their presence in the society and on the strength of their hard work, these people also make a good identity for themselves in the society.

thick haired people

Thick hair looks great, but according to oceanic science, people with thick hair are generally of low intelligence. It is believed that this curbs the intellectual capacity. People who have a lot of hair in their head, they do not have a very good ability to think and understand them. In the matter of small greed, these people do their big loss. They get upset due to the pressure of work coming on them one after the other.

people with thin hair

There are many people whose hair is very thin or fine. According to Samudrika Shastra, people who have thin hair are mostly on important and high-paying positions. Such people are social. These people like to create newness. Those whose hair is thin, their nature is very good. These people are of kind nature. But they are also somewhat hesitant and sensitive. Apart from this, thick and hard hair indicates good health. They have high vitality. These people are also opportunists.


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