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Vastu Tips of Money Plant: To please Goddess Lakshmi on Friday, put this special thing in money plant, there will be no shortage of money

Vastu Tips of Money Plant: money plant (Money Plant) is considered a lucky plant. Vaastu Shaastra (Vastu Shastra) also money plant has great importance. This brings happiness and prosperity in the house and positive energy remains. Everyone wants that there should be peace and happiness in their house, for this they make every possible effort. But sometimes due to Vastu defects, an atmosphere of distress is created in the house. In such a situation, planting money plant is considered very auspicious.

You must have seen money plants installed in many people’s homes and even in shops. It is believed that planting a money plant brings happiness and prosperity and removes negative energy. In today’s article, we will know in detail about all the rules related to money plant.

Importance of Money Plant in Vastu

Let us tell you that in Vastu Shastra, money plant has been associated with Kuber and Mercury. According to Vastu Shastra, keeping a money plant in the house removes financial difficulties and brings happiness, prosperity and prosperity in the house.

Put this thing in the moisture plant, Maan Lakshmi will be happy

Mother Lakshmi is pleased by planting a money plant. By the way, water should be poured daily in the money plant, but on Friday, if you pour milk in the money plant, Goddess Lakshmi is pleased because she loves milk. In such a situation, after worshiping Lakshmi on Friday, milk should be offered to the money plant. By doing this there will never be shortage of money in the house.

In which direction to plant money plant

Everyone would know that direction has been considered very important in Vastu. In such a situation, a special provision of direction has been mentioned in Vastu Shastra for setting up a money plant. According to Vastu, money plant should always be planted in the South East direction of your home. The south-east direction of the house is considered as the southeast direction and it is very auspicious to plant a money plant in this direction. By planting money plant in this direction, negative energy is removed from the house.


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